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Cabardès Wines and Wine Tasting in the Château
Wine tasting is offered at the Château. The Cabardès vineyard is small in size and has earned the AOC (Appellation d'origine Contrôlée) title in 1999, which represent Frances’ highest quality classification of wine. Because of the large pallet of local grape varieties, a wide range of tasting experiences is possible; from light to well structured wines as well as highly aromatic whites to full bodied reds. 

A Terroir of Chalk Stones, Wines Which are Rich and Complex
The vines are cultivated on chalk hillsides in 17 villages surrounding Aragon. The particularity of wines from this area comes from the blending in equal proportions of ‘Atlantic’ grape varieties, merlot and cabernet sauvignon, with ‘Mediterranean’ grapes syrah and grenache, resulting in a harmonious, rich and elegant wines. The southern, hot climate is tempered in the Cabardès area by the cool climatic air of Montagne Noire which is beneficial for a progressive maturing of the grapes.

Taste Buds
The Château d’Aragon tasting correspond with the level of experience and interest of the guest. Introduction covers the basics of wine production and the three elementary stages of wine tasting; the color and aspect of a wine, its aroma on the nose, its structure and aromatic characteristics on the palate. Each taster will develop his own appreciations based on personal sensorial perceptions. 

Beyond the introduction, major characteristics of Cabardès wines are explained and illustrated by three or more different wines, each with a particular style according to the producer’s terroir, grape varieties and preferences for the wines’ blending and aging.


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