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Meet Your Needs, Be Gastronomical!

In and around Aragon, the region abounds in restaurants and bistros serving regional specialties, of which well made Cassoulet can be the most delicious and nourishing.


Suggested Places for Dining:

  • Aragon -- La Bergerie, refined, regional specialties in a new elegant way.

  • Lastours -- Le Puy du Trésor, underneath the Cathar castle, highly gastronomical.

  • Roquefère -- Le Sire de Cabaret, full bodied terroir cooking.

  • Carcassonne-- Le Gargantua, Chez Fred, L’Ecurie, Le Bistrot des Platanes, Le Cathare. 

  • In the Cité : Le Jardin de la Tour and Le Saint Jean.


 In Aragon, Maison du Cabardès, our local grocer carries all daily necessities and local produces such as milk, cheeses, yogurt, eggs, bread, charcuterie, croissant, vegetable and more......

The shop also have good selection of Cabardès wines.

Group wine tasting can be arrange.

Mobile shops, a butcher and a grocer comes once a week and stop in front of the Château. 

An out door market takes place in Carcassonne on the Place Carnot at the center of the Bastide Saint Louis (downtown) every day except for Sundays during the summer and every Thursday and Saturday during winter and spring.

Port la Nouvelle (close to Narbonne) has a famous market for seafood every Thursday and Saturday.


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